Romania’s ruling party appoints new PM

By mid-June 2017 Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu had lost the support of his own PSD; on 14 June PSD leader Liviu Dragnea announced the resignation of all PSD ministers, and a no confidence motion was scheduled for 21 June. In the vote, the opposition abstained, but the PSD and ALDE majority succeeded in defeating the prime minister. On 26 June the PSD nominated outgoing economy minister Mihai Tudose as prime minister. He named a cabinet two days later and the government was approved by parliament on 29 June.

Governing Parties:
Social Democratic Party (PSD)
Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE)

* = new minister           † = change to portfolio

†Mihai TUDOSE (PSD) Prime Minister
*Marcel CIOLACU (PSD) Deputy Prime Minister
†Sevil SHHAIDEH (f) (PSD) Deputy Prime Minister; Development
Gratiela GAVRILESCU (f) (ALDE) Deputy Prime Minister; Environment
*Mihai FIFOR (PSD) Economy
Andreea PASTARNAC (f) (PSD) Minister Delegate for Romanians Abroad
Daniela Carmen DAN (f) (PSD) Internal Affairs
Petre DAEA (PSD) Agriculture
Adrian TUTUIANU (PSD) National Defence
*Lucian ROMASCANU (PSD) Culture
*Liviu POP (PSD) Education
*Ionuţ MISA (PSD) Finance
*Doina PANA (f) (PSD) Water and Forests
Lia Olguta VASILESCU (f) (PSD) Labour
*Lucian SOVA (PSD) Communications and Information Society
Florian-Dorel BODOG (PSD) Health
Marius Alexandru DUNCA (PSD) Youth and Sports
Razvan Alexandru CUC (PSD) Transport
Mircea Titus DOBRE (PSD) Tourism
*Toma PETCU (ALDE) Energy
Teodor MELESCANU (ALDE) Foreign Affairs
Viorel ILIE (PSD) Relations with Parliament
Rovana PLUMB (f) (PSD) Minister Delegate for EU Funds
Tudorel TOADER (ind) Justice
*Victor NEGRESCU Minister Delegate for European Affairs
*Ilan LAUFER SMEs and Business Environment


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