Rick Hou elected PM in the Solomons

Following several defections on 28-29 October 2017, Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare lost a confidence vote in parliament on 6 November. 

He remained in office in a caretaker capacity pending a parliamentary election on 15 November, won by Rick Hou, whose candidacy was backed by Sogavare’s supporters. The majority of Hou’s cabinet were sworn in the following day, with Sogavare as deputy prime minister and minister of finance and treasury.

* = new minister or portfolio

    Prime Minister
  • Mr Manasseh SOGAVARE *
    Deputy Prime Minister; Finance and Treasury
  • Mr John MANENIARU *
    Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources
  • Mr Peter Shanel ANGAVOKA
    Minister of Communications and Aviation
  • Mr John Dean KUKU
    Minister of Education and Human Resources Development
  • Mr Jimson Fiau TANANGADA *
    Minister of Home Affairs
  • Mr Bradley TOVOSIA *
    Minister of Mines and Energy
  • Ms Freda A.B. TUKI Soriacomua (f)
    Minister of Women, Youth and Children Affairs
  • Mr Moses GARU *
    Minister of Police and National Security
  • Mr Andrew MANEPORA’A
    Minister of Lands and Housing
  • Mr Bartholomew PARAPOLO
    Minister of Culture and Tourism
  • Mr Samuel MANETOALI *
    Minister of Forestry and Research
  • Mr Nestor GHIRO *
    Minister of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening
  • Dr Culwick TOGAMANA *
    Minister of Environment and Conservation
  • Mr Connelly SANDAKABATU *
    Minister of Public Service


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